All of our data can be readily accessed at the touch of a button, anytime, anywhere.

As an agent, whether it is potential home movers that you would like to market to or property data on over 24 million homes in the UK; all of our data can be readily accessed at the touch of a button, anytime, anywhere.

val tool
valuation tool

Intelligent Valuation Tool

Prospr’s valuation tool is an easy to install, agency-branded widget that will be an unobtrusive, welcome addition to the functionality of any agency website. Prospr captures customer data at the point of enquiry and accurately targets home movers or potential buyers by delivering up to the moment, accurate property valuations.

Homebuyers, sellers and property professionals can be quickly informed to aid them in making the right decisions.

on market listing
home mover data

Data Capture & Nurturing

Prospr’s On Market facility offers a new way to target prospective instruction direct from Prospr’s dashboard by prioritising a seller’s propensity to switch agents. On Market provides unique access to a postcode area and enables Prospr users to filter property listings to best suit their business requirements and likelihood to win.

On Market provides visual aids to grade each property’s propensity to switch, and also includes updated reporting on the listing’s status – be that relating to changes in price since originally listed, agent status and more. On Market also provides owner and market intelligence, arming Prospr users with a comprehensive data set required to win more business, more efficiently than ever before.

property details
market functionality

Summary of On Market Functionality:

Prospr’s On Market gives partner agents the opportunity to exclusively ‘own’ their territories, to identify and target properties they’re most likely to instruct. For £20 a month, an agent can reserve exclusive access to whole of market sales data within the postcode sector of their choice, meaning no other Prospr agent can access the data. Offered on a first-come, first-served basis.

On Market helps agents to prioritise their prospecting by grading each property by its propensity to switch agents, taking into account how long it’s been on the market, price reductions and other metrics to help our partners win more business more efficiently. On Market also allows our partners to keep tabs on properties valued that have come to market with competitor agents through its journey to completion and stages along the way, such as ‘withdrawn’, helping you with a second shot at instruction.

filters view listings
market functionality

Prospr’s On Market also provides listing histories to establish a record of the property performance over time, such as time on the market, price changes and which agent or agents it is listed with, enabling our partners to gain a fuller, richer picture of their immediate marketplace.

Integration with the Prospr dashboard brings additional functionality to On Market, such as the ability to populate property searches with the listing agent and the performance of the property since instruction. A search on the Prospr dashboard can link to On Market, identifying property detail, such as full address, number of bedrooms, ownership status, sales history, map location and more, creating a smarter, more powerful property search.

property report
property report

Property Reports

Due to the rapid and accessible nature of Prospr, a partner agent can instantly access the information captured at the point of enquiry.

Prospr’s property reports will showcase partner agent services, and demonstrate the very best retail brand standard of communication and customer service expected in 2021.

Each report is trackable and shareable on all Social Media channels, and uploaded directly to individual property listings, giving partner agents an impression of prestige and professionalism that competitors would find hard to match.

Our property reports are instantly generated and can be accessed anytime via the Prospr dashboard.

The Game Changer

Prospr have developed all of the above on one intelligent platform so the data and information can be stored in one place. It’s never been easier to manage your customers’ data and create effective marketing material. Allowing you to dedicate your time to being an agent to do what you do best whilst saying goodbye to endless amounts of admin.

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