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By Dwight Estava, on 5 Apr 2021

Property Valuation Tools - how to get the most from them - Prospr

Are you currently using Property Valuation Tools within your agency? You don’t need us to tell you that one of the most vital aspects of running a successful property agency is the ability to constantly generate new leads and prospects. This is the lifeblood of your business, so it’s crucial that you have the right tools and resources at your disposal to enable you to do this well. One such tool that can prove invaluable with respect to this side of your business is Property Valuation Tools. They can be a great way to generate a constant flow of leads into your agency – but how do you ensure you’re getting the most out of them? That’s what we’re going to cover in this blog post.¬†

Promotion of your Property Valuation Tools is key


One key thing to point out right from the off is that there’s little point investing time, money and resources into a Property Valuation Tool unless you are going to promote it.

In practical terms, this means that you’ll need to make your Property Valuation Tool highly prominent on your agency website. It’s crucial that all your website visitors can clearly see the tool is available and are actively encouraged to utilise it.

You can do this by ensuring that it’s added to multiple strategic locations on your website. Strive to make the tool a really key feature of your site and give it the required priority across all your online channels.

As well as promoting the tool across your website and social channels, there are other channels in which you can also promote it. For example, add a link to the email signatures of all your agency staff. This should help to encourage the maximum number of prospective customers to engage with your tool and provide their lead details to you.

Integrate your Property Valuation Tools into your marketing

In much the same vain as making the tool highly prominent on your website, for best results you also need to build the tool into your marketing campaigns and efforts.

The valuation tool represents one of the key methods that you have at your disposal to provide real value to your prospects and at the same time have an effective lead generation tool that gathers vital contact data for your agency to follow up on.

So make sure that you take full advantage of this valuable tool by incorporating it into some of your key marketing and promotional campaigns.

If you have automation and lead nurturing sequences set up for new prospects that come into your sales and marketing pipeline (which in this day and age you really should have) – then you can ensure that some of the automated emails and other communications link back to your valuation tool.

This ensures that you’re continuing to get the most from it, and maximises the chance that important leads and prospects won’t overlook the tool and look elsewhere to get valuations, as and when they need them.

Make sure you have a proper system for following up on leads from your Property Valuation Tool

Following on from the previous point, it’s important that you have a proper structured system for following up on leads garnered from your valuation tool.

It’s no good if hot leads submit their details on your tool and then have to wait days (or even hours!) to get a response from you. So make sure you have an effective and reliable way of following up on these leads.

What’s the best way to ensure this? For most agencies, this will mean having some kind of lead nurturing and automation software and systems in place. This will ensure that auto-responder messages are sent to prospects the moment they first make an enquiry through your valuation tool.

But it can also do much more than that. The right system will set up effective follow up procedures and protocols for your agents to ensure that they contact these leads in the shortest possible timeframe. It can also manage the leads and send additional automated communications to them in-between your agents manually reaching out to them in order to try and convert them into paying customers.

If someone has taken the time and effort to not only come to your website but also complete and submit the valuation tool form¬† -then chances are they’re a strong lead for your agency. So be sure to systematically follow up on each and every lead that you acquire in this way.

Understand that the valuation tool can just be the first step in a longer process

Research shows that some prospects that convert on your valuation tool will be ready to proceed almost immediately and your agents should have no trouble in winning their business within a matter of just days or a few weeks.

But understand that for some prospects that use your tool, the process will be much more drawn out. Consumers who use your tool will inevitably be in different stages of the buying cycle and have different personalities and ways of conducting their personal business. This will mean that they’ll want to take way more time working through the various stages of the buying and instruction process.

So be sure to cater for both types of leads that come to you from your valuation tool. If a prospect is keen to talk with you right way and close the deal within just a few short days, that’s obviously great. But chances are you’ll also get plenty of leads that want to take way more time before fully assessing things and making any kind of significant decision.

So ensure that you also have effective longer-term lead nurturing and automation systems in place to effectively nurture these leads from the tool over the longer term. You have to keep your agency top of mind and keep providing these types of lead with valuable information and resources until such time as they are ready to make a form decision.

Having the right systems in place to do this is another really key way in which you can ensure you get the very most out of a valuation tool that you are using. Be sure to incorporate all of the above tips and guidance into your use of your tool, and you should find that it continues to generate a healthy stream of leads and new business for your agency for many years to come.

Conclusion regarding property valuation tools

If you’d like to find out more about the importance of property valuation tools and how you can use them more effectively and in a more innovative way within your agency, why not schedule a demo with us now. We’ll be happy to offer you some tailored advice and assist in any way that we can.


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